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Compoundly Review

  December 23, 2018 by Bart De Wolf

Hello and welcome to my review of Paul Nicholls' course called "Compoundly". This is a step by step video series showing you how to set up your own $200 - $400+ per day sales machine using free traffic. What he shows you in this course is the exact model and strategy he has used in his own business to go from a flat broke newbie to making over 6 figures per year and how you can use this exact same formula for yourself starting right now.

My comments on the sales page

Below follow screenshots of the full sales page annotated with my comments in yellow.

Sales Pages Snip 01 Sales Pages Snip 02 Sales Pages Snip 03
Bart's Comments : Some great reasons here to put Compoundly's teachings into practice. But... while the second thumbs up says "zero experience or tech skills needed", some previous experience with setting up or changing a website may help if you want to be up and running in less than 24 hours, as mentioned in the third thumbs up. From my own experience : I was able to apply principles teached in this course to my existing website you are on now and turn its setup around in less than a day.
Sales Pages Snip 04
Bart's Comments : So if you are already convinced by now... Click here to get Compoundly - The Hidden 3-Figure Per Day Online PROVEN PROFIT Method
Sales Pages Snip 05
Bart's Comments : Well here is the kind of money Paul is able to make each time he adds a product review to his page. If you set things up like Paul teaches surely you will be positioned better to achieve that... just maybe not within 24 hours from starting out.
Sales Pages Snip 06 Sales Pages Snip 07 Sales Pages Snip 08
Bart's Comments : Well actually in the course you will discover that Paul's method is built on selling either his own products or other people's products. This includes software products and courses found on JVZoo and Warrior Plus where new products come out all the time. Promotion of these products is done from your own blog or website through reviews.
Sales Pages Snip 09 Sales Pages Snip 10 Sales Pages Snip 11 Sales Pages Snip 12 Sales Pages Snip 13 Sales Pages Snip 14 Sales Pages Snip 15 Sales Pages Snip 16 Sales Pages Snip 17 Sales Pages Snip 18
Bart's Comments : How nice it would be to make this kind of money on a regular basis. But how impossible it may seem at times. This is where you will need to put in motion several things. Faith to believe that for you too is it possible to achieve. Learn what is teached in the course. Work until you have elaborated the whole necessary setup.
Sales Pages Snip 19 Sales Pages Snip 20 Sales Pages Snip 21 Sales Pages Snip 22 Sales Pages Snip 23 Sales Pages Snip 24 Sales Pages Snip 25 Sales Pages Snip 26 Sales Pages Snip 27 Sales Pages Snip 28 Sales Pages Snip 29 Sales Pages Snip 30 Sales Pages Snip 31 Sales Pages Snip 32 Sales Pages Snip 33 Sales Pages Snip 34 Sales Pages Snip 35 Sales Pages Snip 36 Sales Pages Snip 37 Sales Pages Snip 38 Sales Pages Snip 39 Sales Pages Snip 40 Sales Pages Snip 41 Sales Pages Snip 42 Sales Pages Snip 43 Sales Pages Snip 44 Sales Pages Snip 45 Sales Pages Snip 46 Sales Pages Snip 47
Bart's Comments : Did you see that price of just $12.95 ? Go see what it's now...
Click here to get Compoundly - The Hidden 3-Figure Per Day Online PROVEN PROFIT Method
Sales Pages Snip 48 Sales Pages Snip 49 Sales Pages Snip 50

My comments on the main Compoundly course

Bart's Comments : First I got you some screenshots with an overview of the main videos of the course.
Compoundly Snip 01 Compoundly Snip 02 Compoundly Snip 03 Compoundly Snip 04
Bart's Comments : Here follows a screenshot of one of the videos.
Compoundly Snip 05
Bart's Comments : What I didn't like so much is Paul's use of Paint with which he draws up sketchy notes while he's talking. But... the message comes through. So this is just a matter of personal taste. Did I learn from the course anyway? ...yes, I did!

Next follow screenshots of Compoundly's Bonuses Section. You can access this page from the top right link BONUSES in the main course.

Compoundly Snip 06
Bart's Comments : Make sure to click on "Compoundly Fast-Cash 'Cheat-Sheet'" where you will find a list of all steps you need to go through as explained in detail in the videos.
Compoundly Snip 07

My comments on One-Time-Offer 1
Done For You

Bart's Comments : Here I got you a screenshot of the Done For You area.
OTO 1 Snip 01
Bart's Comments : The Done For You gives you all of the following :
  • Done For You Emails. In this section you'll find a done for you email sequence that you can use to promote any campaign or offer that you'd like.
  • Done For You Bonuses. In this section you'll find done for you bonuses that you can give away to your customers and subscribers to make more sales.
  • Done For You Review Template. You can copy and paste this into your own website and simply fill in the blanks whenever you're promoting something. This is a huge time saver and will take all the guesswork out of it.
  • Done For You Compoundly Campaigns. In this section you'll find done for you videos, bonuses and reviews.

My comments on One-Time-Offer 2
Advanced Training

Bart's Comments : Here I got you some screenshots of the Advanced Training area.
OTO 2 Snip 01 OTO 2 Snip 02 OTO 2 Snip 03

My comments on One-Time-Offer 3
Reseller Rights

Bart's Comments : Here I got you a screenshot of the Reseller Rights area.
OTO 3 Snip 01
Bart's Comments : When you click the "Click Here" link to the right of "STEP 1" a new tab will open in your browser. First sign in into your Warrior Plus account. Now click the orange Request Approval button. A popup window will appear. Copy the note shown under STEP 1 and paste it into the Request Notes box. Then press the Request Offer button. My experience was that this action automatically approved me.

My comments on One-Time-Offer 4
Super Affiliate Training

Sorry folks, no comments here. I did not buy this upgrade and did not get a sneak preview either.

Pricing of Compoundly and OTO's
as of December 23, 2018

Main course - $12,95

OTO 1 - Done For You - $27

OTO 2 - Advanced Training - $37

OTO 3 - Reseller Rights - $97

OTO 4 - Super Affiliate Training - $397

Bart's Comments : Prices may go up any time. OTO 3 and OTO 4 may be available for limited time only. So if you are really interested go get it all now... Click here to get Compoundly - The Hidden 3-Figure Per Day Online PROVEN PROFIT Method
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