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Join my opportunities and I will promote your link!

• Scroll through this page and sign up for the opportunities of your liking.
• Note that when you sign up for an opportunity you may be placed below someone in my team or below myself.
• After you joined send me an email with your username or link so I can add you to my rotator ASAP.
• I cannot make you any promises apart from that I will promote your link. But over time you may get some referrals, and even some commissions on sales in your downline.

FREE Lifetime Membership! Earn on sales in your downline.

• No purchases required to earn.
• No rank advancements to be paid through 9 levels.
Join FREE and I will promote your link! (Conditions at top of this page)
After you joined send me an email with your username.

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• FREE Members Earn A $25 Referral Affiliate Commission Payout FOR EACH PAID MEMBER THAT THEY FIND.
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• In the members area you will find detailed instructions on where and how to promote your opportunity link.
Join FREE and I will promote your link! (Conditions at top of this page)
After you joined send me an email with your username.

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• Upgrade to higher levels and earn one-time commissions of $100, $400 and $1,000.
• Sign up for the FREE report to read all details on this wonderful opportunity. Afterwards decide if you want to upgrade.
Sign up, upgrade to Gold, and I will promote your link! (Conditions at top of this page)
Within a day or so after you join you will receive an email with further instructions for doing the "Masterminds" setup.
Do that setup, then send me an email with the link of your preferred lead capture page.

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Earnings Disclaimer

Please note that I cannot guarantee you any income level from joining the opportunities promoted here. Your actual income will depend on many factors, including your advertising efforts and persistence in pursuing your business goals.


Beware that you do not overspend on your business and advertising. Set apart your household money first. Also watch out for overly hyped marketing talk and big dollar signs and amounts that drive you to spend a certain amount now so that you qualify for earning higher commissions. There is no guarantee that you will actually make those sales.

If you are currently employed, do not resign right away after signing up for some online business. While the outcome may seem very promising, actual results may differ from what you expected. Play on the safe side and wait until you see real money coming in from your online business... and until you have first paid off your debts... and saved several months worth of expenses.

Small Bio

I got to know MLM in 1996 in El Salvador when a neighbour showed me "the plan" of the Amway bizop. In 2001 I discovered online business. Currently I am still a rat race participant, working full time as an Analyst Programmer.

I am a Belgian, born 1966. In 1995 I met a Salvadoran woman in Brussels. We moved together to El Salvador in July 1996, married there, and were blessed with 3 daughters and a son. My family and I moved back to Belgium in May 2010.

During my stay in El Salvador I was invited to meetings of a Spanish speaking chapter of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Internationalthrough which I became a convinced Christian.

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