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Secrets of the BIG Dogs
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Do not discard any kind of opportunity!

By Bart De Wolf, Master of Information Technology, Belgium

The Bible says the following in Deuteronomy 16:15 (VOICE) : "Celebrate for seven days in honor of the Eternal your God, in the place the Eternal will choose. The Eternal your God will bless you with abundant produce; He will bless EVERYTHING you do, and you’ll have a lot to celebrate!"

So... Should you join weird looking opportunities? Should you consider crowd funding and donations businesses? Should you step into multi level constructs and heed promos that promise you the moon, the sun and the sky?

Well... While you should pick wisely which to join and which to discard... Ultimately you should not really worry... As God will bless what? Well, yes, EVERYTHING you do!

God bless you,

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Bart De Wolf

P.S. Also check the warnings at the bottom of this page.

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Beware that you do not overspend on your business and advertising. Set apart your household money first. Also watch out for overly hyped marketing talk and big dollar signs and amounts that drive you to spend a certain amount now so that you qualify for earning higher commissions. There is no guarantee that you will actually make those sales.

If you are currently employed, do not resign right away after signing up for some online business. While the outcome may seem very promising, actual results may differ from what you expected. Play on the safe side and wait until you see real money coming in from your online business... and until you have first paid off your debts... and saved several months worth of expenses.

Earnings Disclaimer

Please note that I cannot guarantee you any income level from joining the opportunities promoted here. Your actual income will depend on many factors, including your advertising efforts and persistence in pursuing your business goals.

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